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Normal topic Drive frequency and command rate question
by jediengineer on Sun, 2023-03-19 19:07
General discussion
Normal topic VESC 4.7 old firmware update issue
by Lars_Dierickx on Sun, 2023-03-19 15:39
VESC Firmware
Normal topic what if HIGHT voltage battery to the MakerX GO-FOC DV6/PRO ESC (VESC6) ?
by Argazmo on Sat, 2023-03-18 14:52
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Flipsky FSESC 6.9 encoder does not work [SOLVED]
by canoeman on Sat, 2023-03-18 05:35
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Interfacing with the VESC using UART
by dhruvna on Thu, 2023-03-16 17:42
General discussion
Normal topic Basic VESC troubleshooting (postmortem?)
by N_COUNTER on Tue, 2023-03-14 10:58
General discussion
Normal topic VESC Express
by velolac on Mon, 2023-03-13 14:03
VESC Development and Beta Testing
Normal topic FLIPSKY FSESC 4.20 Mini Not Working!
by Sacchit@123 on Sun, 2023-03-12 10:23
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Problems driving motors in RPM mode
by jediengineer on Fri, 2023-03-10 14:03
General discussion
Normal topic Error message
by DAVCRO on Thu, 2023-03-09 17:15
Projects incorporating VESC technology
Normal topic Connect VESC4.7 over USB
by Lars_Dierickx on Thu, 2023-03-09 16:13
Normal topic Throttle movement
by Lasse on Tue, 2023-03-07 12:16
Normal topic Wordle Bot tells you how good your guesses are.
by Wordlebot on Mon, 2023-03-06 08:34
General discussion
Normal topic LISP script to import data to MATLAB
by cornballs on Thu, 2023-03-02 04:58
General discussion
Normal topic Sensored mode studering
by dtmpro621 on Thu, 2023-03-02 04:40
General discussion
Normal topic esc burning my motor
by renaudbarbier on Tue, 2023-02-28 09:38
General discussion
Normal topic Simultaneous control of two BLDC motors with VESCs via CAN bus without RC controller
by sampatsr on Mon, 2023-02-27 20:21
General discussion
Normal topic Adc1 and Adc2 not working combined
by tarzanhbk on Sat, 2023-02-25 15:01
General discussion
Normal topic About VESC tool
by MaruthiV on Mon, 2023-02-20 08:32
General discussion
Normal topic FOC settings are working in one VESC hardware and not in another VESC hardware with same hardware version ( VESC 6MKVI )
by Pranit Bhamare on Fri, 2023-02-17 07:17
General discussion


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