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Currently almost all of the development for VESC Project is done by Benjamin alone in his spare time, in addition to working on his full-time job. There is not really enough income to support a full-time developer at this point, and buying hardware and tools required to support all sorts of motors and setups is quite expensive. Financially supporting the project helps a lot in moving things forwards, and there are a number of ways to do that:

  • Using a paid version of VESC Tool. There are several options available, including free of charge; the only difference between them is how much you donate to the project.
  • Using the paid Android-version of VESC Tool.
  • Donating directly to Benjamin
    • Paypal
    • Bank Transfer
      Swedish bank account number 56990298731
      IBAN SE1050000000056990298731
  • Indirectly, by purchasing VESC Original hardware.

Hopefully there will soon be partner programs for other vendors to support the VESC Project when making and selling compatible hardware, but it still requires some work to set that up.


Hi, I can not download the "vesc tool", even the paid version. Load the version in the cart and after pressing the "buy" button the cart is emptied but no messages are received and the software is not downloaded to the computer.

Luca Torani

no lo se pero no soy capaz de descargar el vesc tool en windows