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Normal topic vesc6 versions 6.4 6.5 Mk5 6MkVI differences.
by outrunner on Thu, 2022-08-18 06:54
by outrunner
Thu, 2022-08-18 06:54
VESC Original Hardware
Normal topic VESC ramping problem
by andrii619 on Mon, 2020-03-23 21:45
by andrii619
Mon, 2020-03-23 21:45
VESC Firmware
Normal topic Encoder support in BLDC
by dirkvl on Sat, 2021-09-18 12:21
by dirkvl
Sat, 2021-09-18 12:21
Feature Requests
Normal topic VESC 4.12 wont connect to pc
by stefann on Sun, 2020-03-15 00:42
by stefann
Sun, 2020-03-15 00:42
VESC Original Hardware
Normal topic Power Switch
by flyingbrike on Wed, 2021-09-08 13:47
by flyingbrike
Wed, 2021-09-08 13:47
General discussion
Normal topic Current sensor and commanded current
by galp on Fri, 2019-02-22 23:08
by galp
Fri, 2019-02-22 23:08
General discussion
Normal topic DBC development
by flatspot on Mon, 2020-11-09 08:56
by flatspot
Mon, 2020-11-09 08:56
VESC Firmware
Normal topic Controlling a Tank
by JulianT on Thu, 2020-01-23 10:06
by JulianT
Thu, 2020-01-23 10:06
General discussion
Normal topic Unity HFI but I can only configure one motor
by ZQuimson on Mon, 2021-06-07 20:02
by ZQuimson
Mon, 2021-06-07 20:02
General discussion
Normal topic How do I disable brake?
by moo10032 on Tue, 2021-02-23 08:09
by moo10032
Tue, 2021-02-23 08:10
Normal topic Welding with the VESC
by doomy1986 on Mon, 2020-04-13 14:38
by doomy1986
Mon, 2020-04-13 14:38
General discussion
Normal topic Problem report: VESC keeps running at full reverse throttle after PPM input returns to mid-stick
by chunkulator on Sun, 2019-08-11 00:34
by chunkulator
Sun, 2019-08-11 00:34
VESC Firmware
Normal topic Help needed compiling vesc express for esp32 mini D1
by mrendu43 on Sun, 2023-02-05 18:00
by mrendu43
Sun, 2023-02-05 18:00
VESC Firmware
Normal topic Can't find good parameters for FOC detection
by Kabroc on Thu, 2020-04-30 16:28
by Kabroc
Thu, 2020-04-30 16:28
Normal topic Best way to run a hoverboard motor that has an AB encoder and Hall sensors, but no index?
by PaulMakesThings on Thu, 2022-06-23 23:43
by PaulMakesThings
Thu, 2022-06-23 23:43
General discussion
Normal topic how do you arm your Vesc in arduino code?
by the creator on Wed, 2019-03-13 01:11
by the creator
Wed, 2019-03-13 01:33
General discussion
Normal topic Any way to increase detection time?
by VapeGod on Wed, 2023-01-25 05:58
by VapeGod
Wed, 2023-01-25 05:58
General discussion
Normal topic Maximize startup torque
by arosenthal on Sat, 2020-11-14 14:16
by arosenthal
Sat, 2020-11-14 14:17
General discussion
Normal topic Cut-out at >40A
by thewho on Thu, 2018-09-13 20:24
by thewho
Thu, 2018-09-13 20:24
General discussion
Normal topic Throttle Input reading not changing
by niko_la on Fri, 2022-07-22 02:40
by niko_la
Fri, 2022-07-22 02:40


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