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Custom firmware workflow

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Custom firmware workflow


 First thank you all for the job made for VESCs

I'm new to VESC and I would like to make a new custom firmware for my application. But I'm not sure about the the workflow. And I also struggle to rewrite appconf and mcconf files. 

What I planned to do is compile a new firmware using the makefile after modifying appconf_default.h, mcconf_default.h and app_adc.c where I need to make modifications. 

Then flashing the firmware  .bin file using VESC tool custom firmware function. 

Is this the right way to do it? Will the makefile take the right files to compile the firmware(as there are similar files in same folder such as appconf_custom.h) ? Else is there a tutorial ? 


Second thing, the default appconf and mcconf files are available with default parameters. Where can I find all the parameters available to rewrite the files to my needs? 

Many thanks for your help!