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VESC Tool manuals

Submitted by frank on Tue, 2017-10-03 19:42


What kind of Operating System on my computer do i need to use the VESC Tool?



I am currently setting up my ESC using motor setup wizard, however, when asked to run the detection for the parameters, my motor does not cooperate. I have gone through both FOC and BLDC, however neither are working. Any advice for how to make it work. I am using a torque board motor 6353/190KV and my battery that I am trying to set it up with is 4 cells 5.2 A, 14.8V. I plan on running my longboard with two of these LiPo batteries 

Hi mjmarchetto

maybe you got it working in the meantime, but I guess you are facting the same problem as I that your setup has a high inertio, so the overcurrent protection got in between. Try to set the eRPM (500afaik) in the detection lower for FOC. For BC (called BLDC here) I did not get mine working at all; as I got not feedback how to tweak the setup I was unable to get further on that front, but as FOC works as it should (so far) it's OK for me.



Pedelec usage in combination with a GoldenMotor MagicPie3 BLDC

Hi, i seem to be having trouble simply connecting to my dual FOCBox setup.... it says something about delay semaphore expired could it have something to do with baud rate?

Zoom zoom

I am trying to install bldc tool on windows 10 but instalation crashes on startup is there any trick to fix this issue?