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7. Updating a VESC Connect NRF Wireless Dongle

Submitted by frank on Mon, 2019-09-02 09:30

Update of your VESC-Connect wireless dongle

In this tutorial we will update the firmware on a genuine VESC® Connect wireless dongle.
Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!
Download from

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial


Necessary connections in between dongle and ESC: any GND to any GND, any VCC to any VCC, CLK to CKL and IO to IO.

RX and TX can be connected, but are not needed for this process.

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

Remove the SWD Cable from Dongle and ESC

Do not drive a motor with SWD Cable connected!

Your VESC-Connect NRF DONGLE is now ready to be used


I'm trying to do the same thing with a vesc 4.10 and a nrf51822 board but the vesc could not recognize the target. What could it be ? 

UPDATE: check on benjamin youtube channel the comment in the associated video of the solution

I am sorry but I am not able to find the fix for "Could not connect to the target" that i am getting while connecting to nrf51 module using vesc swd port. I am using Flipsky FSESC4.20 board to flash wt51822-s4at nrf51x module. I have connected gnd, swdclk, swdio and 3.3v from vesc to the nrf51 module. When I try to connect to the nrf module in the swd prog tab of VESC tool, i get message "could not connect to the target."

What am I missing? Please help.

VESC-App keeps refusing to log in with the above Message.

Bluetoth-scanner Apps find the dongle and are able to establish a connection ( The LED on the dongle turns on) while the VESC-App fails to do that. 

The installation-process on my VESC-ESC SIX+ went on without any problems.

Any suggestions how to cure this?

My Phone : OnePlus 3T with Android 9

EDIT: Meanwhile i found the reason for not scanning: Deep down in the android maze i had to explicitly grant bluetooth-rights for the VESC-App.

But now the app establishes a connection to  my ESC for about 3 sec, and then disconnects again for not being able to read firmware Version:

"Make sure that the selected port really belongs to the VESC"

How can I check the port? And how change it?

And edit again: Meanwhile everything is working fine. Final clue was to use exactly the same S/W-edition for everything. No OS-Hopping and no interchanging  versions. Use ONE Build for eveything you do1


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I have followed this diagram exactly, and the one on youtube with no rx,tx and vcc on swd port. I cannot connect to the dongle with a "could not connect to target" message. My dongle starts to get hot so i power off. I am using vescHD60 with trampa dongle nrf52840. Can anyone help? 

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I see very limited activity here and likely my question will not be answered, but let us hope for the best... I am using Flipsky FSESC4.20 board , which is brought to the current default (1mOhm shunt) firmware. I got a couple third party modules based on nRF52840 and nRF52805 chip BLE modules, that are pre-loaded with factory code. I tried using USB - UART dongle and I am able to use terminal commands to re-configure and readout current configuration for the modules. The modules also show as BT devices, but pairing requires an application. My question is, why am I not able to re-flash the chip(s) (at least nRF52840) via SWD using VSESC4.2 module? It does not detect the target, however all is connected correctly and should be operable? Any remedies/advice or else I am missing? I just realized that Jlink is needed to load binaries into those nRF chips to make them communicate and update via VESC SWD connection... Am I correct?


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Is this my correct understanding that nRF chip needs to have pre-loaded code, which makes it compatible and updatable within VESC controller and be able to connect via SWD? Is there a way to set up certain UUIDs and other parameters, such as BAUD 115200 for UART to make the above posted a success?

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