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8. Updating VESC WAND remote controller

Submitted by frank on Mon, 2019-09-02 11:54

Update of your VESC WAND remote controller

In this tutorial we will update the firmware on a genuine VESC® WAND remote controller
Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!
Download from

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial


VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

Remove SWD Cable and close housing.

!!Remove batteries and then reinsert batteries!!

This procedure is important to take the Wand out of debug mode which constantly consumes power!

Your WAND remote is now updated and ready to use.


In that case you need to solder cables to the PCB. The SWD Port is part of the specifications that are available online. Third party equipment does not necessarily follow the VESC specifications even if it claims to do so. Version numbers are also no indicator you get a certain HW-Model/Revision with certain features.  Anyone can simply copy a revision number and naming, so that customers think its the same beast with the same features!

We design the VESC-Products to be compatible with the original HW output. Third party equipment does not necessarily need to be fully compatible.

I also have the flipsky vesc with the VESC Wand ... i can't see anywhere on the board where I would be able to find those connectors. 

Is it possible to update the remote without using the vesc?

The VESC Wand is a remote controller for the VESC which allows you to control your car's speed and steering. We will be updating the firmware on this device, so we should first know what is dissertation writing services reviews. The Wand has two buttons: one to increase power and one to decrease power. These can also be used as brakes in some cases, depending on what mode your vehicle is in.


From when is it possible to connect the remote directly via the micro usb connection for updates? (the focbox has no SWD port)

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