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3. Input Wizard for PPM remote

Submitted by frank on Fri, 2019-05-24 13:41

Configuration of your ESC® using the VESC®-Tool Software.

In this tutorial we will configure a single VESC® motor controller in combination with a PPM signal based radio controller in Current No Reverse with Brake mode.

Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!

Download from







Make sure the remote controller is switched on and is set to fastest mode if such a feature is present on your remote.

Example: On the Maytech V2 remote you can press the on/off button again to switch in between Mode 1 (slow blinking) and Mode 2 (fast blinking). We want the fast blink mode now.

Other remotes simply have a switch for modes.

When using the remote you can use different modes to adjust the power level. We recommend stay in the fastest mode only and adjust power levels via the VESC-Tool App PROFILES only!


Vesc-Tool_ISW_select ppm



Congratulations, your VESC motor controller is now ready to operate. If you like you can follow the
Additional settings manual for further improvements.


Hey Guys,

This tutorial is super helpful but it appears to overlook the max motor and battery current fields. Can someone please advise how I should determine what to input here?



Jordan Lutsky

I'm using Version 3.01 of the tool. And it appears very different than the version above. Specifically: The BLE section of the interface (shown above).

How can users configure UART remotes (e.g., The Flipsky VX1 and/or VX2) using Version 3.x of the Android app?


Eric P.
Reno, Nevada

PPM Remote Wizard is a powerful tool for remote management. It can manage multiple computers and devices, and it can automate tasks such as installing software, configuring settings, and monitoring status. To use PPM Remote Wizard, you need to have a wordle nyt computer that has a PPM server running. You need to log in to the server with an administrator account. Then you can use the wizard to install software and configure settings. The wizard will also monitor status of the computer's resources. When you're ready, you can start using the wizard by clicking Start Wizard or by using the menu item Start Wizard.

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The PPM remote is a programmable remote control shell shockers for your home theater system. It can control your TV, DVD player, cable box, and more. It’s used to view your movies and TV shows on your TV.