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1. Updating the Firmware

Submitted by frank on Tue, 2017-10-03 19:49

Configuration of your VESC® or VESC® based ESC using the VESC®-Tool Software.

In this tutorial we will update the firmware on a genuine VESC®
If you have 3rd party hardware, please find out the revision number (e.g. 4.12) prior to updating the firmware.
Wrong firmware will permanently damage your hardware!
Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!
Download from

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial



Connect your VESC® to your computer using a mini/micro USB cable.

Mini USB is used for HW 4.xx only. Some cheap micro USB cables are designed for charging your
phone and will not work properly! Try another cable if you experience any issues.

Run the VESC®-Tool software.



Click on firmware in the left menu bar. This will bring you to the screen shown below.

Make sure to select the correct Hardware! Wrong firmware will instantly and permanently damage your hardware
when you try to operate it.

firmware update



Vesc-Tool_FW finished

Vesc-Tool_FW_back home

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your firmware!

If you fail to update the firmware, your hardware probably has no bootloader installed. Please refer to the bootloader upload manual.

Please continue with the Motor Setup Wizard now.


I set up the first vesc fine but when I went to connect the second one it did not connect.  I did the FW update on the first one I then attempted to do it on the second and it will not read it. I did not have the can connected when doing the FW as it did not specify.

Hi, I had VESC from Maytech it has 4.12 HV version and 2.18 FW.

When I connect it to VESC TOOL it says to update FW, I am updating it to the latest one, the update goes finishes successfully, but after VESC restarting it says that it's still FW 2.18. 

Why FW not installing? Please help me in updating the VESC.


After getting a window of successful FW installation I waiting 10-30sec before restarting the VESC according to the instruction.