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6. Uploading custom firmware files

Submitted by frank on Thu, 2017-12-14 14:22

This guide shows you how to change the firmware, just in case you have the wrong firmware on your device, or you need to upload a special firmware.

In this tutorial we assume someone has the 410 firmware (for use with HW 4.10-4.12) installed on his VESC 6.x.
Don't use your VESC motor controller until you changed to the correct firmware, compatible with your VESC hardware.

The firmware for VESC SIX can be found here:

Wrong firmware is likely to destroy your hardware. Always make sure to use the firmware that is designed for your hardware revision number.

check FW version

select custom fW

upload custom fw

Congratulations, you have successfully change to the correct firmware!





i suspect my uart doen’t work. To be sure i checked the tx with my oscilloscope and the signal is 3,4 volts but without pulses when the motors is running with the ppm remote

The vesc 6 is set to ppm+uart, 9600 bauds.

what is wrong?