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4. Input Setup Wizard for multiple VESCs via CAN-Bus, using a PPM signal radio controller

Submitted by frank on Tue, 2017-10-03 19:50

Configuration of your VESC® or VESC® based ESC using the VESC®-Tool Software.

In this tutorial we will configure multiple genuine VESC® motor controllers, using a CAN bus link cable. We will use a PPM signal based radio controller and will run the VESCs in Current No Reverse with Brake mode.

Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!

Download from

Vesc-Tool_ISW_Twin VESC_intro

Vesc-Tool_ISW_Twin VESC_wiring

Important Notice:

Run the Motor Setup Wizard on each VESC first.

Never connect a receiver or other devices to multiple VESCs (e.g. Y-PPM).  Use CAN-Bus instead.

Only connect CANH and CANL In the CAN connector. 5V and GND should be left unconnected. 

Failing to follow these instructions may damage your VESC (s) permanently.

Now we will start to configure the master VESC. This is the VESC with the input device (e.g.reciever) attached.

Connect your master VESC® to your computer using a mini/micro USB cable.

Mini USB is used for HW 4.xx only. Some cheap micro USB cables are designed for charging your
phone and will not work properly! Try another cable if you experience any issues.

Run the VESC®-Tool software.





Vesc-Tool_ISW_load default

Vesc-Tool_ISW_Twin VESC_master


Vesc-Tool_ISW_Set ID Master

Vesc-Tool_ISW_select ppm

Vesc-Tool_ISW_current no reverse brake

This is the next screen you will see.







Vesc-Tool_ISW_disconnect master

Now we will configure the slave VESC.

Plug your USB-Cable into the slave VESC.  Make sure both VESCs are powered up and connected via CAN bus cable.



Vesc-Tool_ISW_load default

Vesc-Tool_ISW_select slave

 Vesc-Tool_ISW_Twin VESC_slave ID

Vesc-Tool_ISW_Twin VESC_finisch_slave

Congratulations, your VESCs are now ready to operate. If you like you can follow the
Throttle curves and other tweaks manual for further improvements.

Adjustments for the input device (App settings) are configured on the master VESC.


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