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Normal topic Flipsky FSESC 4.20, can it work with an AB encoder with no Index? Having a lot of trouble with low speed torque and speed contro
by PaulMakesThings on Tue, 2022-06-28 04:54
by PaulMakesThings
Tue, 2022-06-28 04:54
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Data Loggin Values
by BLeaCH on Sat, 2020-04-04 07:37
by BLeaCH
Sat, 2020-04-04 07:37
Normal topic General question on tuning vesc
by stevo11811 on Wed, 2021-06-02 05:06
by stevo11811
Wed, 2021-06-02 05:12
General discussion
Normal topic How to increase the +/-165A rms current limit to 250A+ rms (350-400A peak)
by ev_motors on Sat, 2018-04-28 10:18
by ev_motors
Sat, 2018-04-28 10:18
General discussion
Normal topic IPM parameter adjust
by rbargallo on Sun, 2021-05-23 22:43
by rbargallo
Sun, 2021-05-23 22:43
General discussion
Normal topic Vesc gps control
by Erik on Thu, 2019-11-14 20:38
by Erik
Thu, 2019-11-14 20:38
General discussion
Normal topic What motors can i use with the vesc?
by bengce on Sun, 2020-06-14 22:28
by bengce
Sun, 2020-06-14 22:28
General discussion
Normal topic vesc tool not giving me the right values
by spacemango on Tue, 2020-06-09 13:31
by spacemango
Tue, 2020-06-09 13:42
General discussion
Normal topic PPM Mapping
by russell.morris1... on Tue, 2021-09-14 22:38
by russell.morris1...
Tue, 2021-09-14 22:38
Normal topic CAN Analyzer
by min on Tue, 2022-05-03 10:38
by min
Tue, 2022-05-03 10:38
General discussion
Normal topic Move FAULT pin to GPIOD_PIN2
by CTSchorsch on Tue, 2018-09-04 10:13
by CTSchorsch
Tue, 2018-09-04 10:13
VESC Firmware
Normal topic VESC WAND
by vitormhenrique on Sun, 2020-02-16 19:04
by vitormhenrique
Sun, 2020-02-16 19:26
VESC Original Hardware
Normal topic UART write read arduino
by matiller on Sat, 2019-06-01 20:18
by matiller
Sat, 2019-06-01 20:18
Normal topic Extremely slow FW update (Vesc Tool 2.2)
by fender90 on Mon, 2020-02-03 19:26
by fender90
Wed, 2020-02-05 05:22
Normal topic Android VESC Tool can not connect to BLE Module
by sirAnton on Sun, 2020-08-30 13:40
by sirAnton
Sun, 2020-08-30 13:40
Normal topic VESC failure presumably due to current oscillations at high current
by rsarver on Wed, 2021-03-24 22:06
by rsarver
Wed, 2021-03-24 22:06
Normal topic VESC with asynchronous motors
by afbbfa on Fri, 2022-07-29 22:51
by afbbfa
Fri, 2022-07-29 22:51
General discussion
Normal topic issue by control brushed DC with VESC 4.12
by segway on Sun, 2020-04-26 16:06
by segway
Thu, 2020-06-04 10:26
General discussion
Normal topic Does PLL measure the REAL motor speed
by wyk on Mon, 2020-11-23 08:34
by wyk
Mon, 2020-11-23 08:34
General discussion
Sticky topic Balance App Info
by NuRxG on Tue, 2020-11-17 21:07
by NuRxG
Mon, 2021-05-10 18:56
Balance App (for EUCs - Electric Unicycles)


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