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Why not using interrupt for Hall signal detection?

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Why not using interrupt for Hall signal detection?

Hi Guys,

I'm working on a robot project and plan to improve the torque control function by adding inertia to the control system, as my understanding, the accurate output torque should add the acceleration * inertia part. and i have to had a stabled speed signal to get the usable acceleration signal.

As the project required, only hall sensors can be used to measure the speed, and i found the speed signal is quite unstable in VESC(the accuracy is about 200 rpm),then i found that the hall signal is measured in a "loop", the frequency of the loop is about 12500hz (80ms duration).  

I'm wondering, why not use GPIO interrupt for hall sensor? Or is there any way to improve the accuracy of the speed signal?improve the frequency maybe?  (I know there are low pass filter but which brings latency to the system)

Thanks for any help~