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VESC PAS and ADC App - How does it work?

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VESC PAS and ADC App - How does it work?

Hi guys,

I managed to get my ADC working fine on "ADC" and "ADC and PAS" app.

My PAS Sensor is working on "PAS" but not on "ADC and PAS" app.

Does it have to be wired differently there or is "ADC and PAS" not meant to work as both throttle and PAS sensor input in the same app?

Would appreciate any help you have! 

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It seems to me as well, that the PAS function is still very limited, and the combination of ADC-PAS is not really working. IIRC it behaved like a simple ADC control.

If you check the committers and search the forum you can see, that there are attempts to use the PAS but there is no further official support yet. Benjamin noted with the addition of LISP programming to VESC, that it makes easier to make a custom codes, such as custom PAS, but it is still a qute hard thing to do for a non-programmer..