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Data logging

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Data logging

Can someone please explain to me how data logging works. I'm using the android app. Do I need to create a template .CSV which I then choose with the file picker or just choose an output folder and the app creates a file? I cannot get it to work it always says 'could not open file' or 'file does not exist'. 




Just want to log some data. 

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I got the same issue with VESC TOOL V1.25  "Could not open file for writing" on WIN7 and WIN10, tried various PC and got always the same message .

The LOG directory is under the vesc_tool.exe same location as required.

If the data logging is really functional on Windows, can someone point to a solution for this issue? I really need to use this great functionality.


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Simply open the App, go to Developer and choose a directory. I usually use SDcard/Downloads. Tick the Enable RT Dta Logging box. After your ride send the file via email and open it in VESC-Tool under Log Anaysis.

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where i can find Log Anaysis.

i need to send a file 

many thans


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Anyone get this resolved....same issue. File does not exist.