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Flipsky HC 200A VESC programming to eFoil motor

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Flipsky HC 200A VESC programming to eFoil motor


I have the Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A and a Flying Rodeo motor along with the Maytech waterproof remote control. I am having trouble programming the VESC. First off, I've been using the VESC tool for Mac v2.03 available from here.

Says the fireware is 4.2, Hw: 60

When I try to run the motor wizard upon connection, it appears to work. I configure the remote controller and that appears to work too. However, I get some stuttering when I barely hold down the trigger and it also isn't spinning at nearly the RPM it can operate (I know this because I have another Flier 400 ESC that I've used). So, how can I get the motor to go faster and how can I get it to not stutter and super low speeds?


Motor current: 72.67 A

Motor R: 13.30

Motor L: 7.28

Motor Flux Linkage: 5.36

Temp Comp: False

Sensors: Sensorless

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did you run it in bldc mode or FOC?

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If you are using FOC, for low speed stuttering, reduce the Openloop ERPM in sensorless tab.

For the high speed, you might be hitting erpm limit. Post a video / screenshot of the realtime graph showing your problem.