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Trapezoidal Trajectory/Position Control

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Trapezoidal Trajectory/Position Control

It would be really nice if the VESC firmware included an option for trajectory/position control, beyond the single rotation currently supported. At the ODrive they recently implemented a trajectory planner, and it would be really nice if VESC's supported this too. Maybe having the source code available also makes it easier to implement. ... anner/1104

It is very useful when making linear actuators such as this one I made a few years back: When you control multiple actuators from a single PC, it is really useful to have this control loop directly on the motor controller, and not on the PC.

Here is a video I made using a controller that does have this feature, maybe it will illustrate my point. 

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Agreed. This would indeed be a great feature for the VESC and also have the abilty to control postions on encoder counts, same as the Odrive.



Vishwa Brahmaiah
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Yes, definitely.

It will be such an advantage.

Precise. acceleration/velocity control will be possible.

I hope it gets incorporated into the new version.



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I'm also looking forward to when this feature gets implemented! It would really extend the application area for the VESC controller.