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Trapezoidal Trajectory/Position Control

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Trapezoidal Trajectory/Position Control

It would be really nice if the VESC firmware included an option for trajectory/position control, beyond the single rotation currently supported. At the ODrive they recently implemented a trajectory planner, and it would be really nice if VESC's supported this too. Maybe having the source code available also makes it easier to implement. ... anner/1104

It is very useful when making linear actuators such as this one I made a few years back: When you control multiple actuators from a single PC, it is really useful to have this control loop directly on the motor controller, and not on the PC.

Here is a video I made using a controller that does have this feature, maybe it will illustrate my point. 

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Agreed. This would indeed be a great feature for the VESC and also have the abilty to control postions on encoder counts, same as the Odrive.



Vishwa Brahmaiah
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Yes, definitely.

It will be such an advantage.

Precise. acceleration/velocity control will be possible.

I hope it gets incorporated into the new version.



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I'm also looking forward to when this feature gets implemented! It would really extend the application area for the VESC controller.


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I think it would also be awesome if step and direction control was integrated so that the vesc could be used as a drop in replacement for a stepper motor and driver for cnc applications. (like what ODrive does) This would be especially nice because with the new silent HFI control, people could use brush less motors as servos without having to wire up an encoder.

Nathaniel Banse