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WARNINGs!! What you should not do!

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WARNINGs!! What you should not do!


Do not connect the 3.3V pin, using a simple ebay ST-Link! That will kill the 3.3v regulator, which results in almost having a short in the 3.3v rail. The 3.3v on the swd connector is only for sensing 3.3v with the st branded stlink programmers. When using the small eBay stlinks the 3.3v should be left unconnected. The vesc 4 did not have this problem since it uses a different regulator. Fixing this is easy if it should happen, the VESC will work again after replacing the 3.3v regulator.

Array of VESCs:

Always use Can Bus! A parallel harness (e.g. Throttle via ADC, PPM etc.) will for sure fry your VESC SIX. The Pins are partly connected to the sensitive MCU-Chip directly. So if you are not keen to to solder on a new STM32, use CAN-Bus.

Bluetooth and other extension modules:

Hexacopter mentioned it already. Equipment that was designed for VESC 4 should not be used with VESC Six, until the vendor has stated that it is compatible. Read more about this in Hexacopters thread about the bluetooth module.

Sensor Cables:

The printing on the sensor port is wrong. So please refer to the manual for correct pin assignment.



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What regulator is used? What kills it? The current flowing from the 3.3V side into the "what would normally be 5V" side? Would it help to add a simple bat54 to prevent the voltage difference to increase above 0.4V?
What kills it would probably be a large current flow. Why would there be any load on the 5V line? Or is it the loading of the capacitors on the 5V line that kills the regulator? What regulator is it?

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I'm not sure what kills the regulator, but it seems to be more sensitive than other regulators I have used before. This is the model number of the regulator: LM3671MF-3.3NOPB

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Do you have a pinout diagram to make sure i have an STLink setup correctly? A to B?

If i setup the STLink for v6, can i still use it with older v4 hardware?


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Hi sl33py,


it works with 3 Pins. You should connect it like this:




Please make sure not to connect the 3.3V pin, when using the ebay sticks! Otherwise you have a real problem.

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I connected the one from torqueboards website.. is it possible that doing this has caused the realtime voltage to be thought of being more? (was 48.1v now it shows 61.7v)

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@frank, I connected the stm32 with a clone stlink to program it, and I fried it...twice! 

I think you are right, it might be the 3.3V that i connected, but how do i power up the stm32 without connecting the 3.3v? Or should I supply it 3.3V from somewhere else? Should I connect power to vesc?

Im making a 4.12 btw! So I shouldnt see this problem right?

Thanks for your assistance.


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You power up the VESC.