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motor experiment does nothing

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motor experiment does nothing

I'm using a flipsky 6.7 controller with a Maytec 8085 motor.   I am running version 5.3 of the Vesc Software  (HW V 60) and using version 3.01 or the VESC tool.  I can spin the motor using the PPM input but not using the experiment RPM sweep function.  The sweep function is plotting but no motor spin.   I'm a noob so maybe I don't understand how to correctly use this function.  Are there any videos I can watch or documentation.  Thanks

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That should work out of the box. At least it does with the VESC 6 controllers I have flying around here.

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If I have PPM input enabled, then the experiment tab pr other don't work. Solution: Disable PPM input.

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I had the same issue, was driving me crazy, using the ADC throttle worked fine. Then I turned ADC input off..... in App Settings > General > General Tab > App to Use (selected No App), and wallah it works fine. Makes sense that you don't want 2 competing controls at the same time.... Hope this helps you!