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How to communication with arduino on vesc via can

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How to communication with arduino on vesc via can


I wan to check the VESC CAN message with Arduino. When I connected Arduino uno and mcp2515 to the VESC CAN pin, I couldn't get any message. How can I read the message?

And after this is solved, I want to control VESC via CAN communication. Is there anything else I need to modify other than code modification?

Please help me!!!

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hello yuri, you will find all you need on this two links. Btw, pay attention to the MCP2515 you are using, mine has a 8Mhz oscillator so I had to double the working frequency to make it works. For example if you set 500 kHz on vesc and you have a 8 Mhz MCP2515, you shall  set the MCP 2515 @ 1000 kHz


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You can use the MCP2515 module and this library to communicate with the vesc over CAN bus.