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inconsistent behavior after motor control using FOC

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inconsistent behavior after motor control using FOC

Hello, I controlled a Brushless DC motor using FOC on vesc-tool 3.00. Firmware: 5.2, HD:60.

After i got the behavior i desired, I wrote the motor configuration, and saved the configuration file. From the vesc. When I run the motor when not attached to the VESC tool in a different session, I get different motor behavior.

When i connect it to the vesc tool to confirm. It gives different behavior even when i reload the saved motor configuration file. Why does this happen?

Do I need to check and re control the motor each time i need to run it?

How can i solve this? Thanks.

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Could you please try the Beta Vesc-Tool and do a new detection. You can not use your old CFG with the new tool! You should not see different behavior when disconnected from VESC-Tool.