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VESC 75 300 R2 - correct battery conection

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VESC 75 300 R2 - correct battery conection

Good day,

right at the beginning I have to say that I am completely new in this issue, I only have some theoretical knowledge, I am embarking on the first construction. But first I always try to solve the problem myself, but now I don't know what to do, I'm in a dead end, so please ask for advice. I have this version of VESC 75 300 R2.


Probably totally stupid question for you - my VESC has three inputs on the battery - does the voltage add up on all three pairs of leads(for example, one 20V battery on each pair of leads, total voltage 60V), or should could there be a total voltage 60V on each pair of leads(for example, one 60V battery on each pair of lead, or one 60V battery connected to all three connections)?



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The three battery inputs are in parallel. If you want to connect multiple batteries at the same time they all need to be at exactly the same voltage.

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Be careful, this is a fake device and not official hardware. Where did you get this from?

This is the official hardware: