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Bafang hub motor setup

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Kent Tabor
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Bafang hub motor setup

I am new to VESC and respect how versatile this tool and hardware is but am very frustrated.  I am very confident the hardware is setup properly.

I trying to control two Bafang 250w 36v hub motors for a mobile cart.  The motor specs are 20 poles (2P), motor weight is 3kg.

ive tried to auto configure it for literally three months and can't seem to get it to work.  I've tried FOV and BLDC motor mode.   It sort of works but I get inconsistent results.  I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.   Awesome tool and platform but there are so many different parameters it's so hard know what the problems(s) are.

i tried clearing the setting to get a clean start but it doesn't seem to go back to the original defaults!?

I run detection, set the poles in the advance tab to 40.  I've tried not medium out runner.  

the motor buzzes for a second, then creeps slow each way and stops.  It pops up with settings.  But the motor didn't detect the halls.  

Does anyone have experience with bafang hub motors



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You should follow the steps declared below links.

You could also find bldc-tool setup procedures implying the process in more depth.

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i am new to vesc .i have vesc 6 MKIV hardware.I am very confident the hardware is setup properly.i trying on hub motor 36v 250w.i am keep on trying both foc and bldc. during the run detection the motor does not spin.then the foc result shows success but does not display resistance and inductance value. i could not find solution for that.can anyone say me the solution.


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Hi Kent, I have today got a bafang 250w 36v hub working with VESC6 MKV.

Not sure if your problems relate to two motors or just getting any one of them to work, but if its the latter I'm happy to compare notes