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A real Noob Question

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A real Noob Question


I don't want to make a long board or scooter or such , I am actually hoping to use the  controller to run the motor on a gem stone faceting machine that I am building

I want to be able to set the speed  and maybe have it running at that speed for perhaps an hour at a time

My question is , can I use the PWM output from an arduino to set the speed on the controller or if not would a

servo tester output work ?. I cant see how that would be any different to an RC receiver output

I have a nextion touch display on the gem faceting machine which shows a slider on the screen , by sliding the slider the touch screen sends the new

value back to the arduino which I could then use to determine the PWM pulse ratio.  Is this a feasible way to control the VESC?

Sorry for the noob question but will all have to start not knowing much at the beginning



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Using an arduino with the servo library will work just fine with the VESC, servo tester will too. I believe using the PID speed control setting will try to spin the motor at the same speed regardless of load.