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Standby - consumption when battery is conencted

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Standby - consumption when battery is conencted



I like to have a feature which allows me to forgot that I have battery connected to VESC6 the the VESC go into standby state and only use very little power.

I lost two LiPo Battery because I forgot to disconnect them after doing some quick test. Very annoying to recycle good battery. I remove battery like 1-2 weeks later, and it was already too late.


Proposal: after 1h without any action go to standby, maybe this can be configure in software, how fast this should happend.

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There is currently no such thing hardware wise. We bang on something....

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The hardware design I've been working on has such feature. The controller can be configured to turn off power after a predefined period of time if not used (motor has been still).

The new MK3 design has this as well.

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Hi, I just received the XT90 adapter and powered on MK3 for the first time and connected it to my Mac.  I built vesc_tool (1.28) from source and can run the GUI, but that is irrelevant, because I can't seem to connect to the MK3.  On a Mac, I would expect to find /dev/cu.USB* or /dev/tty.USB* device if the MK3 were enumerated.  The blue LED is blinking every 10~15 seconds, so I think the MCU is kicking, but I am wondering if it's not enumerating because the MK3 is in deep sleep?  I don't have any wires connected to the power switch pin.  Would it be a good idea to try wiring a simple push button across the power switch pin to the 5V pin on the 8-pin JST-PH port of MK3?