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7. Updating a VESC Connect NRF Wireless Dongle

Submitted by frank on Mon, 2019-09-02 09:30

Update of your VESC-Connect wireless dongle

In this tutorial we will update the firmware on a genuine VESC® Connect wireless dongle.
Make sure to use the latest VESC-Tool version!
Download from

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

VESC-Tool Firmware update_tutorial

Remove the SWD Cable from Dongle and VESC

Do not drive a motor with SWD Cable connected!

Your VESC-Connect NRF DONGLE is now ready to be used


I'm trying to do the same thing with a vesc 4.10 and a nrf51822 board but the vesc could not recognize the target. What could it be ? 

UPDATE: check on benjamin youtube channel the comment in the associated video of the solution

VESC-App keeps refusing to log in with the above Message.

Bluetoth-scanner Apps find the dongle and are able to establish a connection ( The LED on the dongle turns on) while the VESC-App fails to do that. 

The installation-process on my VESC-ESC SIX+ went on without any problems.

Any suggestions how to cure this?

My Phone : OnePlus 3T with Android 9

EDIT: Meanwhile i found the reason for not scanning: Deep down in the android maze i had to explicitly grant bluetooth-rights for the VESC-App.

But now the app establishes a connection to  my ESC for about 3 sec, and then disconnects again for not being able to read firmware Version:

"Make sure that the selected port really belongs to the VESC"

How can I check the port? And how change it?