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Bluetooth RX/TX

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Bluetooth RX/TX

Hi there,


I'm tring to connect my Vesc 6 to a bluetooth module in order to connect it to the Computer or Mobile.

I have tried to connect via HC-05/06 module which I'm using in my arduino project and AT-09 komp. HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 Board BLE  board.

I also tried to put and arduino "in the middle" and copied all data from and to the serial busses.


Is there any documentation out there? Do I need to send something in order to receive data like a startup sequence?

I alos tried to connect via Vesc app which neighter works. The bluetooth module on the arduino (without vesc) works as a charme.


I would be greatful for any hints.



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Plug  BLE Module into VESC (NRF Module with VESC firmware), make sure UART is active (eg select PPM end UART). Open VESC-Tool App and hit SCAN.

HM 10 will not work. 




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I am working on a fix for this. it has to do with the UUID that is programmed into the app. I will let you know when i finish the compiled version. I only have android so thats what im testing it on

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I have a VEC tool that can use hc-05

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regular DX-BT18 works between VESC and windows VESC-Tool for me, even realtime data is ok. It fails with android app or MacOSx VESC-Tool.

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