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Flipsky VESC-clone firmware udapte problems

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Flipsky VESC-clone firmware udapte problems


I have a problem with my Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 100A VESC, when I open vesc tool 1.09 and connect my VESC, it says that my vesc firmware is too old and that I need to udapte it, vesc tool 1.09 only support 3.55 firmwares, my vesc is 3.4, so I udapte the firmware in the software, everything seems to work, but after I reboot the VESC it still says 4.3 version and please udapte the firmware, over and over again.

Also I tried to udapte the bootloader, it doesn't fix my problem.

Does anyone now what the problem is ? If you don't, can someone at least send me the older (but "latest") version of the vesc tool firmware that supports 3.4 VESC ? that would be awesome.

Note that I tried to go through the motor configuration process but when It tries to identify/spin the motor, it reminds me that the version is too old.


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I also have a flipsky dual vesc but it is the 6.6 version. Mine does the same but downgrading instead of upgrading. Everithing seems to go well but when it reboots everithing is still the same version

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Happens for me too. Using dual flipsky plus 4.20. But I notice if I keep trying to connect, after a few attempts it connects fine. Is it possible it just takes a bit to recognize the firmware version and clicking connect before that process completes, causes the error ? To be clear, I updated firmware only once. But upon subsequent boots of vesc tool, I click connect and see error saying I need to update. I don't actually need to update, and I can keep trying to connect and it works eventually. 

Robert Adkins
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I have the 6.6 FSESC and I was wondering if you have figured anything out. I have been told that version 1.19 or 1.20 may be the fix. I am looking for those versions to try-out.

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Hi, I was setting up the flipsky dual plus 4.20 and no matter what I do it won't recognize the hall sensors on my torqueboards direct drive motor kit. It always goes into senseless mode and it's a very rough  start on both motors. Btw I'm using flipsky vx2 remote. 


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The same error also happens for me.

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does anyone have the 1.19 version? my fw is 3.61 and the latest tool supports 3.62 only. cant upgrade so i cant handle my controller.