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0 - 100% throttle in a sec

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0 - 100% throttle in a sec


I have a Vesc 4.12 and i have done all the configs with my controller. the problem i have is that the slightest movement on the controller sends my board from 0 - 100% throttle.. there is no in between. i cant finetune the speed. it just gives me nothing or everything. does anyone know a setting i may have clicked wrong?


i am using a Flipsky VESC 4.12 and a 2,4ghz nano controller, also from flipsky. I am trying to get in contact with them but they wont answer.


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what mode are you using? Your experience sounds like current control in which this behavior is normal.

what comm did you choose? Afaik PPM is used for RC receivers.




Pedelec usage in combination with a GoldenMotor MagicPie3 BLDC