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Motors spin up during detection but then won't move

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Motors spin up during detection but then won't move


I have two Maytech ESCs (came with hardware 4.10 firmware 3.3 upgraded to 3.40) two Maytech Hubmotors with hall sensors, and a 10S Lion battery.

The specs are:

Size 90mm
Voltage 24-36V
Max Amps 22A
Max. Output Watt 800W
Resistance 0.557‐0.577

The motors are connected to the ESCs with a hall sensor adapter (and the three phase wires).

Koowheel 5500 mAh battery
Max Amps: 30A

I tried running the motor setup wizard with these settings:

Max Current: 20A
Max Current Brake: -20A
Battery Current Max: 25A
Battery Current Max Regen: -10A

Voltage Limits: 34V / 31V (10S Lion)

First I tried FOC detection on one of the maytechs, and the motor would spin up, but then when I tried to use the arrow keys in arrow key mode after the setup the motors would cog but not move. The ESC would blink red 3 times when I hit the arrow key.

I tried BLDC mode next on the first maytech and it would spin up in detection but then also not move with the arrow keys. I then tried BLDC on the second maytech and it would move with the arrow keys. I've run the detection multiple times on both ESCs, and sometimes the cogging happens on both and sometimes just the first one. No red blinking lights other than the first time I tried FOC.

Here are the settings that the motor setup detected in BLDC mode:

I 5.00 A
150.0 ERPM
D: 0.05

Detection Results:
Integrator limit: 111.01
BEMF Coupling: 433.58
Detected hall sensor table: 255, 3, 1, 2, 5, 4, 6, 255

I'm wondering if I'm not sending enough current with the arrow keys, or if I burned out the first ESC with FOC mode? 

In the bottom left corner my settings are:
D 0.20, 5000 RPM, IB 3.00 A,
I 3.00 A, P 0.00, HB 3.00 A. 

What should I try changing?





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I have the same problem. I have 90mm HUBs. Durning detection they sound and spin like normal. But after detection, when i try to controll by left and right arrow they twitch an make sound but dont spin.

And when controlling with UART they spin in opposite direction but first they twitch and whine loudly and the spin is not nice and smooth at all. Also i cant get them to spin with buttons prev and rev durning FOC configuration.


motor detection values look ok. Also current set is 26A which is according to motor specification. VESCs are connected through can.


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I'm also running into this problem. Have you guys figured it out?

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I have the same problem.  I found a fix, or at least a workaround.  App Settings/General/App to Use/    When this field is set to PPM & UART I am getting this problem sometimes but not always.  So far, changing it to UART makes the keyboard work again.  If your actual throttle is PPM, you will need to change it to PPM when you are finished working on the computer.  The setting PPM & UART was working earlier today, with both the remote & pc (& bluetooth module) all working at the same time.  With the same FW & HW, it does not work now.  So IDK what is going on exactly, but the workaround is working reliably so far. 

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I'm having a similar issue on my 4.2 flipsky esc it runs the detections and spins up with the arrow keys but in any way, I cannot get the controller to work any suggestions?

brayden gast

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I'm also facing same problem. The VESC tool detects parameters completely and motor spins normally, but after detection, I tried running the motor by all the following ways but I constantly receive ABS_OVER_CURRENT fault and motor doesn't start spinning.

1- Arrow keys

2- ADC App (using throttle)

3- Experiments Tab in VESC tool

Does anybody knows what should I do to make motor runs? It doesn't matter for me which APP you recommend, I just want to make sure everything is ok and there is no problem with hardware or source code.

brian adilman
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I have the same problem. I would be happy if someone found a solution

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'

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same problem here. Maytech 4.12 updated to 5.3. Behaved the same on the original firmware 3. something. 

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check voltage detected buy VESC. 
in my case it see wrong voltage 27 instead 42

so cutoff at motors cfg  set to 34v and blocks rotating off wheels

I set it to 22 and motors just start to spin. 

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I was having this same issue. I realized that the order you connect the 3 connectors to the motor matter. Most ways caused the motor to stutter. One way allowed the motor to spin, but it was a very odd and unstable spin. Then finally one of the 9 total combinations allowed the motor to spin smoothly.

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I have the same problem. I would be happy if someone found a solution!!

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Same here the motor works fine during detection but then as soon as I use the "detected" values it does not spin as smoothly as during detection. Also when I use the RT app the current is always just spiking and not constant like during the detection. Why is it working differently, I'm so confused.