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Regen While Coasting, No Braking

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Regen While Coasting, No Braking

Hi All,

I have an non-conventional setup with my vesc. Essentially it drives my BLDC for a hybrid-electric system. I have a combustion engine paired to the BLDC with a clutch. My question is can I get regen to work without the BLDC braking the system. I have tried spinning the BLDC in the passive state (VESC on but no command, post hitting the stop button) there was no current generated. I then tested with me commanding 3000RPM to the BLDC and 5000RPM to the combustion engine, this allowed me to regen at 10A, but it slowed my combustion engine (braking regen obviously). I am worried that if I command 0RPM to the BLDC while the combustion is running it'll full brake and stall everything. I want to be able to have the BLDC regen when passively spinning with the combustion engine. 


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Maybe, battery current max regen to be reduced to a low value like -1A