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Firmware 6 Issues

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Firmware 6 Issues

Hi All,

I have two Maytech Super FOC ESCs Hardware Version 6.8 based on VESC6 that control two skateboard hub motors with 20 (magnet) poles (I dont know which relevant specifications to provide here). This skateboard is an older project with custom firmware that ran with Firmware version 5.03. When I open the newest Vesc Tool I get warnings that the Firmware is too old and I am unable to use the Input Wizard. However, I tested upgrading to the new Firmwares 6.00 and 6.02 and both of them have a really bad behaviour at the end of the Motor Setup Wizard. When calculating my hall sensors table, I am unable to do that because of an error message that shows bad behaviour of hall sensors with 6.02. When driving with both Firmwares 6, I get a lot of cogging and are unable to drive properly. A "grinding noise" is hearable and I get nearly no torque on my wheels.

I will attach a link to a folder where you can see the performance of 5.03 vs 6.02 in my case. I got a good speed and no problems at all with 5.03 but thought I should/could upgrade my firmware. For now it just doesnt work so I have to stay on 5.03.

Link(active til Jun'24):

Do you have any suggestions what I could try?


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Well, that's my situation too, 5.03 - noproblemo, 6.02 - abs overcurrent always when on hard acceleration... no matter what I do...


There will be no reply I guess, this forum is kinda live with that)