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Vesc6MK3 stops responding to velocity requests

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Vesc6MK3 stops responding to velocity requests

Hi there -- I have a Vesc6 MK3 updated to the firmware included with the 6.02 vesc tool release.  The vesc is mounted in a 1/10th scale RC car (based on the build) in sensorless mode and connected via USB to a TX2 running linux. When I boot the system, everything runs fine and I can drive the car without issue.  However, after a short while the Vesc becomes unresponsive to speed requests. It is still responding to servo requests, so the vesc interface hasn't crashed. 

When it gets in this state, if I connect the vesc-tool, I can read the current state and command it to run (with real-time monitoring).  When I do this, the side gauges in the tool show a velocity but no current draw.  I've attached a video ( so you can see what I'm talking about.  There is no sound as if it is even attempting to drive the motor.

There is no temperature sensor or other connections between the vesc and the motor other than power. 

If I reset the power, operation immediately returns to normal (until the state recurs)


Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!