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Configuring Current Sensors for DIY VESC

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Configuring Current Sensors for DIY VESC

I made a VESC board - which is essentially a VESC Mini 4 schematic, with the current sensors replaced with: CT417-HSN865MR which is a 65A bi directional current sensor.
The current sensors are installed as phase shunts

The datasheet says that the internal resistance is 0.5 mohm and the sensitivity is 15.4mV/A.
I am able to run the motor after calibration on the board with the default HW60 firmware, but the current readings are wrong due to the current sensors.

This is limiting the maximum current that the board can push.


Can someone please guide me what to set for the above sensor to get accurate current reading:
I have tried a lot of possible values, but cant seem to get it to work accurately.


The VESC tool connects in limited mode after giving two warnings:
- The Firmware is newer than the tool
- Firmware is a test build

And thereby I am unable to use the motor setup wizard.
How to fix this (I have the latest tool) ?


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CURRENT_AMP_GAIN 0.0154, CURRENT_SHUNT_RES        1.0. Depending how your sensor is connected, you may need to use #define INVERTED_SHUNT_POLARITY to get it to work correctly. 

2. For newer version of firmware, use a newer vesc tool. Maybe post your firmware version and your tool version.




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