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Motor Driver Voltage Spike Problem

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Motor Driver Voltage Spike Problem

Hi Guys 

I'm desinging sensored BLDC motor driver. Motor driver voltage 48V, current 20 amp, sensored drive.

Mosfets 75nf75
Gate Driver ucc27211

I try to learn from the begining so I don't include current sensing right now. I write some code on STM32F103(Bluepill) for hall effect I use 3 pull up and connect these pins 3 interrupt pin of MCU than set 6 PWM output for the gate driver input. I check PWM signals in logic analyzer and make sure there is no problem on there. I also put 200 ns dead time between complimentery PWM signals.I achive to turn motor but I have some problems. When I check the phase output signal there are too much voltage spike I try to add snubber 1uf 2.2 ohm for all the phase and that didn't work. 
I share gerber file and some oscilloscope pictures. Is there any one help me about that.

Phase Output

DC Bus this is the gerber file of the PCB    this is the Schematic of the PCB  

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it seem to be related with firmware.