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ADC throttle lock.

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ADC throttle lock.

Hi everyone,


I have recently come across a concern on my current project. We are building a drift trike and have attached an ADC throttle to the VESC. This throttle is just to accelerate and does not have a brake but we have a manual brake. There are also no buttons which allow things such as cruise control, reverse etc, its just a simple push down to accelerate throttle. Good to note that it is also a 3 pin throttle.

Image of throttle for reference.


 Since using this throttle, we have realised that sometimes when you let go of the throttle, it would hold acceleration at that point indefinitely until you apply brakes and the wheels slow down. Keep in mind that the brake we are using is a front wheel brake and not electronically configured whatsoever meaning the wheel detects it is slowing down and stops this weird cruise control effect that is going on. We have also noticed this happens either if the trike has been on for a little while but not in use or if it has just been turned on less than 30 seconds before accelerating. The best way to explain what is happening is that when you accelerate and let go, the throttle stays activated causing it to hover at the speed you were going just before letting go. Accelerating to full throttle or further past the original point of acceleration doesn't disable it and it will continue to hover at this acceleration point until you press the manual brakes and slow it down.

I am using the Maker X D75 with a 16S5P 21700 pack. Throttle positive ramping time is set to 0.30 (Default) and throttle is on Current mode. 

If anyone has any idea what is going on, please let me know. If you require any ,ore information let me know also and I will send anything needed through.

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Double check that you have good GND connection on the throttle, the connector is good and securely plugged in.

Did you trim the throttle voltages? Most hall throttles have a range of 0.7 to 3.3v or so, so your close throttle voltage needs to be slightly higher than 0.7v, or better 0.9-1v to be fully closed at 0.7v. If you have your starting voltage set at below 0.7v, the throttle would never fully close.

Another thing to try is connect another  throttle type and see if that happens, to rule out the faulty throttle. 

Long wires may cause erratic behavior as well, I usually use a 10uF cap between the GND and throttle signal to filter out noise.  

Finally, check and make sure there is a pull down resistor between the GND and throttle signal (2.2-10k or so). This is safety measure to make sure throttle input doesn't float.




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