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VESC 6 MK IV circuit question

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VESC 6 MK IV circuit question

Hey there!


My name's Max, an electronics's engineer from the UK. Long story short, I rode a onewheel about a month ago and became instantly obsessed. Like most, I can't afford one, but I can build one! I've built a self balancing unicycle before, and en ebike controller from scratch. I was thinking I'd have to do the same for this, but very happy to come across the VESC. Leveraging the open source firmware is going to be a life saver.


I'd still like to take an active part in the hardware design (being an EE) and I'd also like to contribute to the software once I'm up and running.


Anyway, I have a question regarding the circuit on page one of the VESC 6 MK IV. There's something that looks to be like an auto shut off - a few diode OR'd signals from the phase A output, a shutdown pin (connected to an ADC?) and something going to conn_sw.  I'm guessing that it's like a peak detection circuit with a little bit of filtering, to see when the motor is spinning and if so, keep the buck enable. If the motor stops, I'm assuming the buck output goes off? Is that correct?

Can someone explain to me the purpose of this little circuit on page 1 (I'm on my phone ATM so can't easily grab screenshots)? 

Also, side note, it appears that the buck enable signal and the shutdown line aren't actually connected on the schematic PDF that's available on this site - I'm guessing it was fixed after but thought I'd point it out just in case.


Thanks in advance!