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Running PID position Control with FOC sensorless

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Running PID position Control with FOC sensorless


I've have been testing PID position control with an ABI encoder (AMT102-V). As there seems to be som unpleasant behaviors at random times, when I have selected the Sensor Mode to Encoder (Motor Setting>FOC>General>Sensor Mode). Which made me change Sensor Mode to Sensorless.

My question is. Shouldn't PID position Control still work flawlessly, as long as I have selected Sensor Port Mode to ABI Sensor? (under Motor Settings>General>General>Sensor Port Mode).


In the firmware it seems it should work good, as line 208 in mc_interface.c (for SENSOR_PORT_MODE_ABI ) sets the "angle reading"-mode to ENCODER_MODE_ABI in line 307 in encoder.c. As such the PID position control should work without commutating the motor with the sensor?