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Urgent VESC Firmware Issue

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Urgent VESC Firmware Issue

I have a problem with a Flipsky 7550 ESC firmware that I need to solve ASAP as I need to take this to a job at the end of the month.  For reference this isn't on a skateboard, it runs the motor on a winch that raises and lowers a small sensor package up to 5000ft. down mine raises.  Anyhow, this one is the only unit available for this job so I need it up and running, but I was setting up the ESC today so I could test the whole unit (its a new winch) through the VESC Tool, it was working well and I was finishing up the last changes to it and was verifying with the left and right arrow keys again that it was all good when it suddenly just stopped.  It would not reconnect and the computer would not see it no matter what I tried.  I took the case off, held down the ISP button while powering it and the computer then found it but wasn't thrilled with it.  I used the Impulse RC Driver Fixer on it, now I can press the ISP Button when plugging it in and the computer recognizes it as STM32BOOTLOADER no problem now.  The VESC Tool still doesn't see it because I assume it no longer has any VESC firmware on it.  How do I get the firmware back onto it since the VESC Tool can't see it?  I have tomorrow and Turkey day free to work on this before this job at the end of the month so I am a bit stressed with this as I can't seem to find a very good answer just off Google.  Hoping someone that knows these better then me can help.

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just program it via swd int. with another vesc , swd app. within vesc-tool.


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