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Squealing noise and failed foc detection

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Squealing noise and failed foc detection

Hi everyone, I have developed my own board based on the vesc 75 300 schematics. The only difference is that I have made a 6 fet version and each current sense resistor is 0.002 ohms. I have compiled the source code according to my hardware and edited the hwconf. In BLDC mode everything works fine and the motor spins no problem. When trying to set up foc I can only get squealing noises and sometimes juddering from the motor when measuring the flux linkage. Here is a video of the issue and a link to the endless sphere forum post where user mxlemming also has the same issue with one of his boards. Current sensing seems to be working fine as when I load the motor in bldc mode, the current reported in the vesc tool matches up exactly with the ammeter I have attached to the battery.