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VESC Software

Submitted by benjamin on Wed, 2018-01-24 09:50

The VESC software is free and open source, and can be found on github. This is the source code for the firmware that runs on the VESC hardware:

this is source code of VESC Tool, which is used to configure, control and monitor the VESC hardware from desktop and mobile platforms:

The software is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0. Instructions on how to set up an development environment and build the software can be found in the pages below this page.



Where can I view a changelog for the firmware and also is there a way of knowing when firmware has been updated so I know when to flash my vesc?




What is the latest firmware ??? and where can i get it ???






It looks like people have precompiled VESC Tool for windows, but I'm not able to find it? Any hint?

Is it possible to run it on Windows, or do I need to compile for it?

I was very happy with the old version of the BLDC tool. I can't manage to run the new vesc tool on mac.

I would really be happy to have some help.

I read erwincoumans message but I don't understand what compile means, I am not a programmer.
I also downloaded a Ubuntu version of the Bldc tool but it doesn't seem to run on the demo dvd.

Thanks for the answers.