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VESC Software

Submitted by benjamin on Wed, 2018-01-24 09:50

The VESC software is free and open source, and can be found on github. This is the source code for the firmware that runs on the VESC hardware:

this is source code of VESC Tool, which is used to configure, control and monitor the VESC hardware from desktop and mobile platforms:

the VESC BMS firmware can be found here:

The software is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0. Instructions on how to set up an development environment and build the software can be found in the pages below this page.


hello, I have read all that I can on connecting my flipsky dual vesc6.6 to the macbook tool but it still doesnt connect/recognize its plugged in. What am I missing? What else do I need to do to get it to conenect? Any help on this would be great as its been a grusem time trying to troubleshoot this. No where can I find any good help as to what I need to do...

Hello, I am trying to get this tool to work on my mac and im not sure what your talking about for compiling. How do I do that?


Where can I view a changelog for the firmware and also is there a way of knowing when firmware has been updated so I know when to flash my vesc?




What is the latest firmware ??? and where can i get it ???






It looks like people have precompiled VESC Tool for windows, but I'm not able to find it? Any hint?

Is it possible to run it on Windows, or do I need to compile for it?

I was very happy with the old version of the BLDC tool. I can't manage to run the new vesc tool on mac.

I would really be happy to have some help.

I read erwincoumans message but I don't understand what compile means, I am not a programmer.
I also downloaded a Ubuntu version of the Bldc tool but it doesn't seem to run on the demo dvd.

Thanks for the answers.

Hi, I bought a VESC on Amazon (FSESC 4.12) and I would like to download the VESC Tool for Windows software.
After placing it in the cart, when I click buy (also the Platinum version) the cart is emptied and I do not get anything else.
I would like clarification for the download.
Thank you for your quick answer.
Luca Torani

Olá Lucas, estou com o mesmo problema que vc, após adicionar o programa, quando vou finalizar aparece a informação que o programa foi retirado do carrinho.... Vc consegue resolver o problema???

How's the data transmitted from mobile to Bluetooth module when we try to communicate with the board? Say user wants to move forward, does the provided android application in the website transmit data as "forward" in the form of strings to the Bluetooth module?


of course not! lol!

You would need to understand A LOT of the code than Benjamin made and based on your question you clearly don't. Download the source code for the vesc tool and try to understand how it uses the keyboard as input. 

For some reason my computer doesn't recognize my Flipsky FSESC 4.20. evrything is plugged in and powered, ive tried 4 different usb cables, different ports, and also different computer. I feel like im missing a driver or something for it to recognize it? any help is much appreciated!

Steven Parsons

Flipskys are not built on high end components like a genuine VESC. I have scrapped 2 of 2 flipsky, 3 of 3 VESC are still pushing. I suggest for safety reasons to save flipsky for remote rc vehicles.

As far as plugging into them, for the short time they worked, windows update was able to locate all needed drivers to work with VESC tool.

Where can I find specific source code releases of different versions of the firmware?  Many VESCs in the past use firmware version 2.18.  Where is the source for that version located?


For 3 months now I’ve been trying to compile the sources on both Windows and Ubuntu. All time, some kind of mistakes, something lacking. It is unbearable. Can someone make a project that compiles without without a "shamanic tambourine"?


Hooray, I finally compiled the source. I had to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Hyper-V (Windows10). The first time the commands were not executed. Complained about security problems (something like that). But at one point, after rebooting the OS, I put together the same commands from the instructions. And lo and behold, it has gathered. I am happy.

The source for installing the bar from here.

First I set it to 19.04 by default (so Windows makes a normal virtual machine with a network, etc.), and then installed this image with disk formatting (virtual) on this virtual machine

is the The free and open source VESC software can run on the vesc 6 plus?

hello, I have successfully used ChibiStudio_Windows_2020-04. the way is to extract the file, don't use WinRAR, but use 7zip.
now I'm trying to find out how to download VESC hardware via ChibiOS with Windows 10 OS. Does anyone here have a video tutorial?

Hi all, now I am working on a VESC project which is the hardware is based on paltatech. Now I'm confused because the source codes for the firmware that supports Paltatech hardware on github are incomplete (there are some missing libraries).
I have also purchased a platinum VESC tool, I think I can download the latest firmware with the hardware version of Paltatech. but i see nothing.
do you have a solution or do you have a complete source code file with hw version paltatech?
thank you



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