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Building the vesc firmware in Chibi Studio

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Building the vesc firmware in Chibi Studio

I have Chibi studio set up on Windows. I am trying to figure out how to open the vesc project. Simply importing the entire repo folder results with a ton of template projects from the STM32 examples, but not the actual vesc.

Does anyone know how to simply load the vesc project in a new install of Chibi Studio?

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This has been answered in the old forum by Thierry and as far as I know probably still works

in short :

Install Chibi Studio as described on the website video.
>File >New >Makefile Project with Existing Code >Choose existing code location "Browse".
>Project>Properties >C/C++ Build >Configuration "Default", Build Location "Workspace" Choose Project Directory >Apply >OK
>Build and DONE

It does NOT work however if you use the import project wizard..... No Idea why ....