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12v(3s) Input to VESC 75/250

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12v(3s) Input to VESC 75/250


I'm looking for a VESC which can pull 2kW, but at 12V for short perioods (2-3mins)

The VESC mkV has 100a continous and 120a burst, but sounds like this won't be beefy enough.

There are chinese VESC based that say 200a, but after doing research i don't believe they will pull the current required.


How about the VESC 75/250~?

This can pull the amps required but only shows support for 14v minimum.

Is there a reason that this can't be run on 12v to do with the power delivery, or is it because there is it simply because there is a  12v BEC on board?

Would it be possible to use on 3s and not have the 12v BEC working? or disconnect it?


Thanks in advance.