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[solved] Firmware 5.01 gcc compile fail.. need some insight

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Bill Somerville
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[solved] Firmware 5.01 gcc compile fail.. need some insight

I found the post Updated to gcc version 07-2018-q2

Hi I have a model Flipsky FSESC 4.12 50A 4.12

I wanted to see if I can modify the most current firmware 5.01 offered on Github.

No so Briefly. I installed the latest gcc as described, modified the conf_general.h file to select the correct version. I also modified a line in the terminal.c file

if (strcmp(argv[0], "ping") == 0) {

commands_printf("Modified by Bill pong\n");

so when in Vesc Tool I can use the terminal and type “Ping” to confirm that I am communicating with the newly updated ESC.

I compiled first by command line on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS OS. (no errors noted), then uploaded the new binary via the Vesc Tool USB connection. After a apparent successful upload. I connected to Vesc Tool, typed “Ping” and received “Pong” reply not "Modified by Bill pong". Clearly the new firmware compile did not take. No error message! I then used my Clone Stlink v.2 and St Link utility to upload the new bin file. The Vesc became bricked and no longer recognized The USB port. I upload the original pre-compiled binary from the same Git page using the same Stlink and it was back to normal.

I started to check other older builds. I was able to compile and upload, communicate with terminal and get my motor turning with Version 3.4 ( January 18 2019 commit f1978ac5b44d3a7a1fb83b956638afd2a5d5a011). The next commit after  implemented some sort of IWDT watch dog. Playing with some timeout values. I was able to connect to V5.01 but not communicate with the vesc.

My brain is telling me that the design team has compiled many versions since V3.4. And the pre compiled V5.01 works well.

I am thinking that I am getting some error when I compile.

I have installed and tested Version 9-2020-q2-update in Ubuntu 20.04.1 command line and Eclipse, Ubuntu 20 in WSL2, and Windows 10 Eclipse. I have also tried gcc Version 8 in Windows.


I downloaded and installed the gcc manually from the Arm site because the method prescribed on the Git page

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-gcc-arm-embedded/ppa

gave some error messages.(don't have the output) . And some web reading said this method of install is no longer supported. ??

Has anybody done a clean install of 9-2020-q2 that works?

Where am I going wrong.

Help would be appreciated.