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No UART Output on VESC6 MKIV

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No UART Output on VESC6 MKIV

Hi Everyone,

I'm desperately trying to make the UART output and input work on my VESC6. I currently have a VESC6 MKIV with FW (firmware) 5.1. I have tried all the configurations I can on the vesctool to try and get a UART signal output but nothing seems to work. I am monitoring the TX pin with an oscilloscope to see if any signal appears, but unfortunately the pin stays high all the time.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you!

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If it stays high all the time then maybe it's the serial input to the VESC, rather than the serial output like you think it is.

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I'm having the same or a similar problem on my Unity with VESC FW 5.1
Both Tx and Rx on the Unity's COMM port are reading 3.3v (high) all the time against ground

When I power on the unity: my ardunio thats listening on the UART port receives a few bits of what appears to be garbage. Then it's silence, even after I send a command from my Arduino, like for example `COM_GET_DECODED_PPM` here

C Becker