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Battery power

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Battery power

I'm looking to use 18650 batteries to power my mountain board and can't figure out if I'll overload the VESC controller if the voltage varies. The voltage required is 22.2v - if I use batteries which can produce between 25v and 45 v does the controller handle the greater than needed voltage input ?

thanks for any help!

Duane Degn
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Do you have a link to the VESC you're using?

22.2V usually suggests a 6 cell pack. It's unlikely the device could handle 45V.

What sort of battery pack has a voltage range of 25V to 45V?

"does the controller handle the greater than needed voltage input ?"

Usually not.

Duane Degn

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Depending on VESC they're usually safe to 60V max, so up to 12 cell / 48V nominal.

bryncjones: What ESC model is it, pictures of it will do! 6s/22.2V is a pretty common eSkate voltage so they may just be suggesting rather than setting a maximum. Most VESCs will operate just fine with a battery voltage between ~15V and 60V. Usually higher voltage is better as you get more power for the same current. But do let us know the version to be safe!

Duane: I don't know of any popular VESCs that have a maximum voltage of ~30V.