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VESC state machine

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VESC state machine

Hi guys,

Iam new to the VESC project (and to coding) and want to purchase a 75/ 300 for my electric motorcycle with qs205 v3 hub motor.

Is there an existing state machine or just the "raw" C code to work with?

I want to implement some additional functions, like brake light while positive current flow and don´t know where to start actually :/

Another question: Now that the 100/ 250 VESC isn´t that expensive anymore, I may want to upgrade to that one. Has someone figured out the maximum phase current here? :)

Thanks for helping a Newbie out and have a great day! :)

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That´s the bike right now. Originally 1,9kW nominal and 3kW peak. With these modifications, Iam aiming at 19kW peak and 4kW nominal. This project is part of my further education in electric mobility :)

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The code is open source, there are literally links to it here: and here it is:

You could probably write a custom application that would do what you want, although it might be easier to use an Arduino as a secondary to control the lights.

The hints are in the name for the 75/300 and 100/250, 300A and 250A respectively. I'm not sure they will do that, but that's the claim.

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Thanks for your answer. It helped me a lot.