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Motor clicking and not spinning after setup wizard

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Motor clicking and not spinning after setup wizard

Hello, First would like to say that i have setup this exact setup and it was working just fine, and i haven't changed anything about the setup, but for some reason every time i plug my VESC into the tool for some tweaks it makes me update my FW even though its up to date. But my main question here is that since i have had to redo the setup wizard for my hub motor i am now running into the issue of it not spinning. I went through the setup wizard, and during the run detection it spins fine, but when i get to the page where you select FWD or REV, when i hit either button I can hear the motor just clicking, and not spinning. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Its a dirrect drive hub motor on an eBike, for refference. Thanks for the help, David

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Hi David,

I'm currently experiencing this exact problem, motors were working fine a day ago, tool asked me to update firmware, and now I'm running into this. Did you manage to find a way to solve it?
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks and kind regards.

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Hey guys, any luck in solving the problem? I'm also seeing the same issue: able to spin the motor during detection but not afterwards with the vesc tool

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ich habe das selbe Problem, das der Motor im Auto Setup dreht und alles fehlerfei erkann wird, aber danach dreht der Motor nicht mehr und clickt nur. Habt Ihr eine Lösung gefunden?






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I'm also having a similar problem.  In my case, I'm always asked to update the firmware and the motors work fine during the motor set up wizard but the Input wizard is not working right it seems.  I'm using a Taranis transmitter and an x8r reciever.  So far I haven't been able to use the PPM app to set up the input manually.  Please help!  Thanks.  Mark


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Hi everyone, I'm having a similar issue, I am able to spin the motor during detection but after setting up the motors and input app with the vesc tool everything changes. Also everytime I reset it up 

I never get the same results. The wheels will be jerky, only one wheel will turn, next setup two wheels will turn, one channel not working. I'm using VESC tool 3.0 with 2 VESC 4.2 boards. How do you know if the VESC board is bricked? I reloaded the firmware with no help.


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I have the same problem, the motor spins in auto setup and everything is recognized correctly, but after that the motor no longer spins and just clicks. Did you find a solution?