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Vesc repair guidances

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Vesc repair guidances

Hi everyone, 

I'm in the process of repairing a few vescs ( 4.12s, focboxes and 6s)

I managed to repair all the '' DRV FAULT '' ones I have by simply replacing the IC using a hot air station

However I have many left that seem to suffer from more complex issues. Examples :

Focbox, Replaced DRV and MCU, get a '' high offset current sensor 2 '' fault and phase is at battery potential even though the mosfets are not shorted. FET gates are not shorted to bat+. 

Focbox, detection measures super high inductance like 200+, otherwise no fault and if parameters are entered manually motor spins quite OK. 

Focbox still, 6 red flashes and doesn't print any fault. Drv changed, impossible to spin motor5in vesc tool. 

More to test later. 

Any idea regarding the root cause of these? 

I will try to make a guide once I know a bit more about repairing these, hopefully it will help others facing the same problems. 

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Sorry Booya, I don't have an answer to your problem. But I do have a question for you since you have repaired some VESCs.  And I will even Paypal you some $ if you can help me fix my VESC. I will call it your "consultation fee".

Several months ago, there were a few firmwares that had bugs that caused my motors to run poorly. I think it was v1.63 and 1.64 with bugs, and 1.65 fixed the problem. But even after 1.65 fixed my problem of the motors not running correctly, I was left with 1 of my 2 Vesc6+s being unable to detect my motor's hall sensors. Not only that, but I found that even when setup as sensorless, I needed to physically disconnect the sensor harness from that VESC, or the motor would occasionally do weird things seemingly at random and cause the VESC to fault every few seconds. I have since updated the firmware twice, and neither update has resolved the sensor port issue. This leads me to believe it is a problem with the VESC6 hardware. I have tried swapping VESCs, and my other VESC detects that motor's sensors just fine. Likewise, the VESC with the sensor port problem doesn't detect sensors on any motor I connect to it. So I've at least narrowed the problem down to that VESC's hardware, but I don't know enough about how the circuitry works to further troubleshoot it myself. If you think you know what component(s) I need to replace to remedy this issue, name a reasonable "consultation" price and I will pay you for that information. I don't have an STM32 cable, but if you think the bootloader has been corrupted, I have no problem buying one of those to perform the repair.

I built my powerboard as a demo prototype specifically for drift sliding on dirt, and without that motor running sensored, I can no longer initiate a slide from a dead stop, which is a major bummer. I would buy a new VESC, but Trampa is selling the MKIII now, so I don't think I can get a replacement 6+ to match my other one.

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I can help you out if you need, doing vesc repairs for 2 years straight now :)

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Hi, I am also interested in repairs, got a Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus that is making trouble after 2 months (out of warranty).
The second channel won't technically work anymore. 

I am based in Germany, so shipping it to Flipsky China isn't an option (2 x shipping + tax + repair).
Anyone who got an idea and offeres repair?