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Vesc repair guidances

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Vesc repair guidances

Hi everyone, 

I'm in the process of repairing a few vescs ( 4.12s, focboxes and 6s)

I managed to repair all the '' DRV FAULT '' ones I have by simply replacing the IC using a hot air station

However I have many left that seem to suffer from more complex issues. Examples :

Focbox, Replaced DRV and MCU, get a '' high offset current sensor 2 '' fault and phase is at battery potential even though the mosfets are not shorted. FET gates are not shorted to bat+. 

Focbox, detection measures super high inductance like 200+, otherwise no fault and if parameters are entered manually motor spins quite OK. 

Focbox still, 6 red flashes and doesn't print any fault. Drv changed, impossible to spin motor5in vesc tool. 

More to test later. 

Any idea regarding the root cause of these? 

I will try to make a guide once I know a bit more about repairing these, hopefully it will help others facing the same problems.